Qn_'s AltStore Repo

An AltStore repo for my tweaked apps


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What is this?

👉 Welcome to my AltStore repo. This repo contains all of my tweaked apps, such as:

Unfortunately, AltStore can not handle two (or more) applications that have the same bundle ID (uYou+, Cercube+ and Cercube+ (Legacy)). I have no other choice except to modify CercubePlus’s bundle ID. As a result, you won’t be able to install CercubePlus directly through AltStore. You still can download the IPA like normal though.

👉 To add the repo to AltStore, simply select Add to AltStore at the top of the page. For now, this feature is only available for patrons of AltStore.

👉 Not a patron of AltStore? You can view the repo and download the latest IPA by selecting View the source.